Month: December 2020

What is better SEO or SEM

Marketing is the face of a business which cannot be overlooked by businessmen, marketing strategies are an essential part of a successful business, be it for attracting attention or driving prospects to a particular website and grow the business. There are probably uncountable ways that you can market your business with different strategies and different expected outcomes. But when it comes to digital marketing, some methods are preferred over others the likes of SEM and SEO. Companies like 5ive media pte ltd will help you understand which of the two is a better solution for your business what you should go ahead with.

The difference.

Both these strategies are unique in their own way here is a little detail, while SEM is a strategy in which the costs are incurred based on the number of clicks,SEO is an organic strategy, both these are processes that are used to generate traffic and awareness for a brand via the search engines available. SEO attracts prospects to a website from the search engine webpage, this traffic is organic and no payment has to be made for this flowing traffic. In the case of SEM, the traffic is funnelled to a website with the help of sponsored ads or listings. This is often referred to as PPC or pays per click, this is a much more successful option but the costs can go pretty high when opted for. The one major difference in simple words is that SEO gets natural traffic but takes more time in comparison and SEM gets traffic that is paid for and the results are seen pretty early. A successful promotion through these marketing strategies results in more consumer traffic to the business that generates revenue and awareness.

Which one is better of the two?

While both the options have their pros and cons, what suits you better depends on the business. There are a couple of factors that play roles in deciding which strategy a business should opt for, these are time, capital, human resource and a couple other that will make it clear whether you should go for SEM or SEO.


SEO has a better ROI in the long run however SEM gives you quick and guaranteed results, it will cost you more to pay for the clicks that lead traffic to your website but SEO companies can charge you for the quality of content that they deliver. One allows you to tweak your efforts over time while the other is implemented instantaneously. It all comes down to the strategy that you have planned for the business, the results through this process are definite.